Don't just follow the flipping boom

The international trend has been for new framework curricula published in several countries for schools to encourage teachers to change their classroom teaching from “teacher-centered” to more “student-centered” approaches. These days, the idea of “flipping” the teaching and learning process fascinates many teachers who are trying to change their way of acting in class. As with any new trend, there are several teachers who are just following the flipping “boom” and trying to use it as a model, as well as vendors selling their flipping-related products. On the web, there are numerous blogs and discussions either praising how flipping has truly individualized learning for students or groaning that the approach is nothing transformative at all.

The flipped classroom (FC) is often associated with watching videos at home before lessons. Videos are useful in many respects and make it easy to differentiate learning: students can watch them several times, skip the parts they already know, and…